Monday, December 17, 2012

Favourite Christmas Treats

Since I can't make most of my Christmas holiday goodies this year, I thought I would write a post compiling all of my favourites so that everyone else can make them insteadEnjoy :)


1.  Ginger cookies

2.  Thumbprint cookie drops

3.  Best ever sugar cookies

4.  Brown butter babies

A relatively new discovery, but I loved these.

5.  Melting moments  

My family's absolute favourite.

Shortbread cookies

I feel that shortbread cookies deserved a category all of their own.  In fact, my goal last Christmas was to make a huge selection of different new shortbread recipes - including some green tea shortbread that I never got around to makingIn fact, I think I ended up having time to try one new one kind.  Ah well... next time I can eat gluten and dairy...
1.  Mom's shortbread cookies

One of the absolute best shortbread cookie I have ever tasted.  But I might be biased ;)

2.  Chocolate chocolate shortbread 

Also delish.

3.  Shortbread jam bars

These rival even my mom's shortbread cookies.  And they're even quicker to make (though the recipes also makes a lot fewer).

1.  Chocolate toffee bars 

2.  Buttertart pan squares

3.  Skor squares

4.  Mars bars squares

My grandmother used to always have these for us kids.

5.  Peanut butter squares (also with a nut-free version)

6.  Crumb-top choco-peanut butter bars 

Candy and Fudge

These are all great to make for little gift boxes for everyone on your holiday list.

1.  Sucre à la crème

A Quebec tradition, this recipe is to die for.  I make this one every single year.  And only at Christmas.  Because otherwise, I would never stop eating it.

 2.  Salted chocolate-covered caramels

 3.  Cookies 'n cream fudge


Kristy said...

i love ginger cookies! and i want to make melting moments gluten free. yum

Kristy said...

also, i really want the chocolate toffee bars. i made the chocolate covered caramels and found them easier to make with a spoon and no toothpick