Friday, December 2, 2011

Cooked Apples

We made these as a delicious and relatively healthy snack while Ash, Eric and Maddy were down visiting recently.  They're quick to prepare, though they take awhile to cook.  Jérôme and I occasionally enjoy one of these for dessert.  

The best type of apple to buy for these (at least in my opinion) is Cortland.  If you can't find Cortland apples, just be sure to buy a variety that holds its shape when cooked, otherwise you will just end up with a big mush of apple.

We had these twice while our visitors were here.  The first time, I did it according to the recipe and cored the apples and stuffed them with the filling (omitting the pecans, since Ash is allergic).  The second time, I had Chloé in my arms while preparing them, so I opted to cut the apples into chunks instead and just dump the topping over them.  Not a good idea... it was edible, but not as tasty.  The oatmeal doesn't get soft from being inside the apple the way it does if you core them.  I also suggest putting the apples individually in oven-proof bowls, if you have them, instead of cooking them on a baking sheet, as it will contain the mess of each apple as it cooks. 

4 apples
1/2 C oatmeal
2 tbsp. raisins
1 tbsp. pecans
4 tsp. brown sugar
4 tsp. maple syrup

1.  Preheat the oven to 350oF.  Empty the centre of the apples. 

2.  Combine the oatmeal, raisins and pecans, then put 1/4 of the mixture into the cavity of each apple.

3.  Sprinkle apples with brown sugar, then pour the maple syrup over top.  Cook for 40-45 minutes.

Makes 4 servings.

In passing, I had posted in my maple surprise post last week that I was going to try the recipe again with only 1/4 C of maple syrup.  Not recommended.  I think 1/2 C is the minimum you can get it down to and have it still be really yummy.  I ended up adding an additional 1/4 C after it was all cooked, but it still didn't taste quite the same as when I had added the full 1/2 C in the beginning of cooking.  So I'd recommend at least 1/2 C - or more, if you like things very, very sweet.

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