Thursday, March 1, 2012

Favourite Moments in Banff

I have one last post on our trip to Banff that will soon be ready to post - I want to share some pictures of our beautiful last day there.  But in the meantime, as we're working through the photos, I'd like to share some of my favourite kid moments of our time in Banff:

- as we stopped at the window gate along the highway to purchase our park passes for Banff National Park, Logan began screaming "want some", "want some" at the top of his lungs from the backseat.  Neither Jérôme nor myself could figure out what he wanted.  Though it dawned on me as we drove off and he started crying that he, yet again, thought he was getting a Timbit.

- watching Logan's excitement as he played in the snow our first day there.  You'd think that he'd never seen snow before in his life (whereas, it had been less than 2 weeks since we'd been back at home in the snow).

his new favourite food since our trip is snow...
which he now likes to eat off of Jérôme's boots.
Or off of the floor in our entrance with a spoon.

- how Chloé didn't even flinch or make a sound when Jerome accidentally brushed all the snow from the top of the car directly into her face.

- watching Logan's very unexpected fascination with the "mawmits".

- Logan getting himself up immediately after Jérôme had put him down for a nap, opening the bedroom door and coming into the main area where we were staying.  He giggled and then looked at me, and said in a super happy voice, "hi mommy!".  Jérôme and I couldn't help but chuckling, even though we both knew better. 

- Logan now saying "hugs" whenever Chloé starts to cry.  And what he means by hugs is that he wants us to put her in his arms so he can hold her and give her kisses (Brandi, does this remind you of anyone?).

- watching how Chloé now grins and laughs at Logan whenever he is clowning around in front of her (or often, specifically for her benefit).  And also, how he always brings toys over for her to play with all the time (Brandi...??? Remember Rylan doing this with Logan when he was only 3 weeks old?). 

- Logan yelling "run, run" at the tv as we watched Forrest Gump before they even got to this part in the movie.

- Chloé giggling non-stop when I tickle her under her chin. 

- how Logan, on our 2nd day in Banff, sat in the back seat mid-morning spontaneously repeating "foffee, foffee".  Which we finally figured out meant coffee.  And this was prior to us having bought our daily coffee (aka my chai latte).  And he continued to do this mid-morning every single day until we got back home.  Guess he figured out mom's mid-morning chai latte addiction. 

On the last day, I even got him a little kid-sized hot chocolate as a super special treat. Watching how proud he was, drinking his own coffee, was well worth the mess of cleaning it up from all over the floor once he had spilled it.


- having told Logan that he had to finish the mini baby cookies he had in his hands before he could get more, watching him shove them all into his mouth at the same time, while saying "coming, coming".

- how Logan's request to watch the movie Cars has evolved from saying "Cars movie" to now repetitively placing the remote control in Jérôme's hand, while saying "Cars movie", "please Cars, please", "ok Cars" and then running excitedly to the tv.  And then pointing Jérôme's hand to the t.v. if he doesn't acquiesce. And screaming "no, no, no!" while waving his hands back and forth if we don't put on what he wants.  Unfortunately, I accidentally packed only the special features DVD and not the actual movie. So we watched the 20 minute special features loop about a million and one times while we were away...

- and finally, getting to spend so much time together as a family.  Logan probably said the word "daddy" a million times during Jerome's first day back to work, as he tried to figure out why Jerome wasn't around all day long. 


Great family moments!!!

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Kris said...

Love how Logan cuddles Chloe, love his face when he's playing in the snow, and love the last pic of Chloe's face!