Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Word Obsession Takes on a Whole New Meaning: Intro to the World of Cake Decorating

I have literally just stepped in the door from my first meeting at the West Island Cake Club.  And I am in love.  Pure and utter love.  I loved this evening so much that I felt a compulsion to blog about it.  Immediately.  

I can already sense that I am going to become completely obsessed with cake decorating.  So much so that I really wish we could re-schedule our upcoming trip to France so that I wouldn't miss next month's meeting...

Just to figure out what to do with the cakes...???  Any takers??

The women in the club are all super friendly and everyone was more than welcoming.  There are members from beginners (like myself), right up to professionals, who run their own businesses and shops.  My aspiration??  To be able to make my kids super beautiful birthday cakes over the years.  While at the same time, spending some time with a group of lovely ladies one evening a month - although I really wish it was twice a week instead!!

Each meeting has a little hands-on practice of a technique that they introduce.  This week we used a cookie cutter or embosser to put a design onto fondant and then used royal icing to ice it.  I also learned to roll and cut fondant, as I've never worked with it at all before.  

I've only managed to get the outline of the project done so far.  But here's a sneak peak of what it looks like:

So... I apparently need to work on keeping my hand a bit more steady.  But I figure that this isn't too bad for a first shot, especially since it was done while breastfeeding Chloé, who was kicking in the direction of the icing (though she slept right up until we started the hands-on).

I'll get a pic up once I've got a finished version.  Though it may well be a few days before I find the time to finish this off. 

Can't wait for my fondant decorating class to start at the West Island Women's Centre!!!!  And to learn all sorts of other techniques at these meetings.  One woman was telling me about all sorts of tricks like rolling out gummy candies or marshmallows and using cookie cutters on them to make decorations for cakes.  Or using a cookie cutter on fondant and letting it dry inside a paper towel roll, to make it a bit rounded to sit on a cake. Can't wait until I can make beautiful cakes like the pictures I saw tonight!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I'm excited???).


Lyndsay said...

Looks/sounds like fun! I like the white outline on pink: simple is good. :) Looking forward to seeing your future creations on your blog.

Karen said...

I am laughing so hard right now! I love how excited you are about this...total nerd! And I love it! Who knew watching 90120 in our NKOTB shirts that we would be excited about cake decorating, cloth diapers, beads and babies!!!

Food for Thought Linds said...

yup... one obsession just translated to another!