Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Baby (aka My Little Man) Turns 2!!!

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing this post, in celebration of Logan's first birthday.  And here we are again, a full year later.  And somehow, he is now 2.  In fact, he's now 2 years and 2 days old, as Friday was his birthday.

I laugh a bit looking back at my blog and seeing how it has evolved over time.  It seems I didn't even make mention of Logan's birth two years ago.  Here's the first post I wrote after he was born.  As if I hadn't been home from the hospital for only two days and hadn't had a baby only 4 days prior.  I guess I felt at the time that no one would want to read about my life.  I mean, nothing particularly special happens.  But I got such good feedback from people when I did randomly include personal info that I kept it up.  Now it seems so odd to me that the birth of my first child went completely unmentioned in my blog.  In fact, Chloé's arrival was only announced with one small photo amidst a recipe.

But getting back to my little man and his special day on Friday... 

We're saving his birthday party for June, when we will be together with family for the celebration of my niece's first birthday.  But I still wanted to have a mini celebration on his actual birthday.

Here are a few shots from my post of his birthday last year:

Gone are the little chubby cheeks and the curly hair.  

Take a peek at him now:

I can't believe kids can change so much in so little time.

Despite it being his birthday, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed on Friday morning.  So wrong that perhaps he wasn't even in the bed.  Though this is typical of most mornings with Logan these days.

Thankfully, he was in a better mood by the time we were on our way to daycare.  I had an osteo appointment with Chloé in the morning, so I wasn't able to keep him home for his birthday.   

I made him some Cars cupcakes to take with him to daycare so that he could celebrate with his friends.  These weren't super inventive, as we were just back from France and I was pooped and barely had time to do groceries.  But I think the toys made one little boy super happy.

I realized at some point in the afternoon that it had completely escaped me to make him a cake or anything to celebrate with us at home.  I had been so preoccupied with his cupcakes that it hadn't even crossed my mind... So I popped out to our favourite French bakery to pick up some little cakes.  Just needed a little something to put two candles in.

Not so sure about those sparklers

He loved it and chowed right down.  I mean, it was chocolate.

Diggin' right in :)


He even shared a bit with mommy and daddy, if you can believe it.

Though Chloé had to stick to her brown rice cereal and carrots.  Maybe next year, baby.

 After the cake, came the opening of presents.  


His favourites were his Cars bathing suit from Kate, Aly and Ella, which he insisted on wearing all afternoon, even outside, from the minute he opened it.  I sense that it will be washed very frequently this summer.  

He trotted around in these as he played and chatted with grammy on the phone, who had called with grandpa to wish him a happy birthday.

Letting Chloé say hi to grammy and grandpa

We also got him a balance bike for his birthday, which he took one quick look at and said "no, no".  He was just as happy to run around in his helmet. 

And let Chloé use the bike instead.

Besides, he was much too busy chatting on his $4 Cars cell phone that Jérôme happened to find on his way home from work on Friday. He now insists he must sleep with it every night. 

Happy birthday my little man!!! We love you to death!!! And stop growing up so darned quickly!!

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Lee-Ann said...

Awww, so sweet. Happy 2nd Birthday! They always fly by super fast!