Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favourite Moments in Paris

Life has been busy since getting back home from Paris: unpacking, laundry, groceries, etc., all à la screaming kids.  Everyone is tired from the travel and the time difference.  Thank goodness for my classes at the WIWC (more on my cake decorating class shortly!), as I think I would otherwise be losing my mind this week. 

So I'm treating myself to a few minutes of blogging to unwind before I head to bed.  I wanted to share a few of my favourite moments from our vacation:

- on the flight to Paris, watching Logan transition from being 100% completely dead asleep, to shoving his entire face into a humongous muffin the stewardess had left him for his breakfast.  It went down something like this: eyes open looking all groggy... he spots the muffin on the tray... face dive in and huge grin from then on out.  Take a look.  It's almost as big as his head!

- Logan starting to say "uh oh spaghettios" (learned from Bob)

- although this video doesn't quite sum it up, I loved watching Chloé giggle her head off as Logan repeatedly threw a beach ball at her head.  The giggles were much bigger than this little one that we managed to catch on film and amused all of us.  I love watching the two of them starting to play together.

 - after a bit of a rough start between Logan and Ilian, which involved some hitting and pushing, they finally found a way to play collaboratively:

- watching Logan playing the piano at the Foire de Paris (much screaming followed this performance, as we dragged him away from the piano):

- seeing Logan in pure heaven, getting a massage from tata Isabelle:


- getting to visit again with long-time friend Camille, and her two kids, Charlotte and Paul.  Last time I saw Charlotte, she was only 8 months old and Paul wasn't even yet in the works.

I also wanted to share a couple more photos of some of the loot we brought home with us.  Though this is still only a glimpse at what we brought back:

mmm macaroons... from Pierre Hermé, the best in Paris. Delish.

Luv me some champagne. And cheese. And quenelles.

Many thanks to Karim, Assia, Ilian and Mayas for their hospitality for over two weeks :)

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Camille said...

We live too far away!!! I miss You♥♥♥♥