Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The 12 Top Hits of 2012

As with last year, I wanted to share the top 10 posts from my blog over the past year.  You can check out the recipes that made this last year by clicking here.

You guys definitely know what you like.  And you, like me, like sweet.  I guess that's why you read me ;)

So here you go folks... the top 12 of 2012, in reverse order.  Pin your favourites so you can make them in the year to come:

12.  Mom's tuna casserole

11.  What does it feel like to have SPD?

I guess you guys are more interesting in learning about SPD and how this affects our family than I might have thought when I started writing about it!

10.   Fondant bows

Since doing this post, I have intended to post a tutorial on how to make fondant bows.  Another thing on my ever growing to-do list that will probably not get done until my children turn 18!

9.  Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate-peanut butter gananche and chocolate cream cheese icing 

Let's face it.  If this hadn't made it into the top 12, I'd have wondered what was wrong with you guys.  Chocolate and pb.  One of my all-time favourite combinations.

8.  Healthy no-bake hemp seed peanut butter balls

Hmm... chocolate and pb.  Have I mentioned that I like this?  I will admit that I probably account for over half of the hits for this post.  I make these non-stop.  Chloé can scarf down one, and sometimes two in a sitting, hiding them somewhere in that little 16 lb. body of hers.

7.  Foire de Paris

I'm shocked this one got so many hits.  I guess everyone always dreams of going to Paris.  And eating cheese.  And drinking wine.

6.  An inside view into a day in the life of a 2 year old with SPD

5.  Lemon curd filled lemon cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing

Damn that I can no longer eat these!  My mouth is watering as I type this.  This are perfect for the lemon lover.  Like myself.

4.  Super-powered granola bars

No wonder these flew to the top of the list shortly after I posted them (particularly considering that they were posted the last day of August and still managed to snag the #4 spot).  These are beyond delicious.  And so healthy that you could eat the whole pan and just be chock-full of healthy things (mind you, probably also terribly bloated).

3Healthy homemade chicken nuggets with hidden veggies

This is clearly popular because I'm sure the vast majority of parents out there would rather their kids eat more vegetables.  And fewer chicken nuggets.

2Delicious homemade french brioche

Thanks to pinterest, this post has gotten a ton of hits.  Admit it.  The photos look so good that you would almost eat them if you were hungry enough.  Though I don't so much mind being gluten-free, this is one of the things I do miss (drool, drool...).

1.  Healthy, veggie packed morning glory muffins

Apple, carrots, zucchini and spinach, all packed into a whole-wheat muffin.  How's that for getting your kids to eat some vegetables?  In fact, these muffins are so good that I saw a slightly modified version floating about on theKitchn a few months after I posted them. Here's to my top post of the year, with almost double the hits of #2:

And with that, I wish everyone a happy new year and happy cooking!!!  I know that my blogging has been lacking lately.  Though I'm not at all someone to make resolutions, I will do my best to post at least 13 new recipes next year so that I can do my top hits of 2013 come December ;)

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