Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Attack of the Man Flu

It's been a grilled cheese sandwich and (no) cream of vegetable soup (defrosted from my freezer) for dinner kinda week.  And so far, I've eaten at Subway for lunch every day.  I suspect I may find myself there again tomorrow.

My plans to slowly get ready for our upcoming trip to Vancouver were derailed this week when Jérôme came down with the man flu.  You know the kind?  One of the most prominent symptoms is a complete inability to do ANYTHING AT ALL.  I mean, AT ALL.  It's particularly contagious amongst males. Women have been known to catch a similar bug, but for whatever reason, the symptoms affect the two sexes differently.  For instance, when I had it last week and two weeks before that, I somehow managed to still breastfeed Chloé and get supper on the table.  But they've never had to be in labour before (or really, even be pregnant for 9 months), so maybe just haven't completed the requisite training????

This has been coupled with both kids suddenly waking frequently at night.  And I also have a a week full of appointments, so I am out of the house almost all day every day.  And am trying to get a Shutterfly album compiled for the daycare board that I volunteer for, which is due tomorrow.  Thankfully, we don't leave on vacation until next Monday, so I should have a couple of days once Jérôme is eventually healthy again to get things in order before we leave.

But ouf, I'm exhausted!! So it's been a grilled cheese sandwich kinda week.  Yes, despite my obsession with cooking, we do also have those kinds of weeks. 

This, in part, explains some of my recent "mommy brain" incidents, including:

- driving right past the street Logan's daycare provider lives on, c with Logan in the car, and not even realizing it for a full 5 minutes;

- putting Chloé in a cloth diaper and her pyjamas at about 4pm yesterday afternoon and completely forgetting to ever change her diaper after that. She woke up in a pool of pee up to her neck (as did I, since we co-sleep!);

- accepting a friend's offer to try some new blueberry tea and realizing only after I had poured the water into the mug that I had already also put an English breakfast tea bag into the mug;

- turning on the wrong burner in the kitchen and only realizing it as the peanuts in the (thankfully metal) container started to blacken and fill the house with smoke - and I'd almost gone down for a nap while simmering my soup... thank goodness!!

Jérôme thinks I'm losing my mind, but I swear it's just lack of sleep.  And you've just gotta chuckle at all the brainless things you do, despite having a Masters degree and having previously been able to paint your toenails while making a soup and studying for a midterm...  I recently heard on tv that going 17 hours straight without sleep is equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of 0.05.  No wonder sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!!  But I'm exaggerating... it hasn't (thankfully!!) been quite that bad. 

On that note, I'm off to have a relaxing bath and hop into bed early.  Sorry, folks.  No recipe tonight ;)

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Diane said...

I think you have just written an excellent recipe for Disaster ! Well done! I give you 5 Stars *****