Saturday, February 4, 2012

Breakfast Faves

So here goes my first 'faves' post.  And I'm starting with breakfast faves because this is undoubtedly by 'fave' meal of the day.  I am drooling over this post, having, yet again, eaten a bowl of Vector for breakfast this morning.

Excepting a couple of these recipes, most are weekend faves, as they're more time intensive than any normal human would have time to make during the week.  

I haven't included any muffins here, even though many of them are healthy enough to be eaten for breakfast.  There are just so many of them that I'll do a favourite muffins post one day. So here goes...

baked brie, potatoes, ham and eggs: this was my very first post and I didn't even take any pictures... darn... though I have the goal of progressively adding missing pictures and updating some of the uglier pictures.  But that's slow-going, as many of my recipes (even the ones I love) barely get made once a year.  Pitfall of having so many of them. I still highly recommend making this, despite not being able to see a picture of it, as it is delicious.  Perfect for big group brunch gatherings. 

finnish apple pancake

steel cut oatmeal

fiber-full bran pancakes:

ricotta strawberry breakfast cakes:

banana cinnamon waffles

toast with apple cider cinnamon jelly:

green monster smoothie:

healthy(er) homemade breakfast sandwiches:

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Amman said...

Ummm I want all of those next time I come over for breakfast please!