Sunday, February 19, 2012

Favourite Vancouver Moments

We've had a great time at Kate and Aly's here in Vancouver over the past week.  

Today, we wound up our stay with a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium in the morning:


Followed by a post-nap puddle jumping adventure at the park: 

As we head off to Seattle for the next few nights, I wanted to share my favourite moments of the week with the kids.

-  Katie had made the kids pasta with a side of peppers, carrots and cheese for their dinner.  As soon as she set it down in front of them, Ella pushed it off of her high chair, onto the counter and, with a big grin, said "all done".  Within a fraction of second, Logan pushed his plate onto the counter... "all done"... And that was dinner.  Gotta just chuckle at these moments, even if it's really not super funny.  Monkey see, monkey do.  If only we could get one of the two of them eating normally, we'd have been set...

- Ella getting Logan to eat carrots, oatmeal, whole apples, mandarin oranges and cucumbers.  Thanks sweety!

- Logan and Ella doing "cheers" together with every single piece of food they ate. Logan also tried to cheers his pre-licked cheerios with the man sitting next to him on the plane.

"Cheers"ing carrots
and apples
and oatmeal

 and toast (no pun intended)
and Valentine's Day cookies before bed
(with both, coincidentally, in Christmas pyjamas)
- Logan learning the word "mine" in a split second as he battled with Ella over a toy. 

- Ella, who is not exposed to French at all here in B.C., yelling "hi de l'eau", after Logan at the farm.

-  Ella impressing us all by responding to the question, "Ella, what's that?", by responding "beer".

-  After some lovey dovey interaction, Katie finding Ella and Logan in the hallway, each with their hands wrapped around the other's neck.

- watching Logan beg Aly for kisses goodbye as he left for work every morning.

And my all-time favourite moment of the week:

-  Ella's discovery of the house keys when we thought we were locked out of the house.  We thought we had somehow misplaced the house keys during  our visit to the farm.  Katie left Ella, Chloé and I on the front steps and returned to the farm to pick up Jérôme and Logan, and to look for her keys.  As I sat with Ella on the porch, squishing Cheerios on the sidewalk with our boots, she reached into Katie's purse and exclamed "mommy's keys", pulling them out. Yes, she was the super star of the day!  

It's been a fantastic week here and I want to extend a huge thank you to both Kate and Aly for their hospitality (and patience, and delicious cooking) over the past week.  We can't wait to have you guys back to our place. 

Checking out the tugboats down at Lonsdale Quay

Friends for life
  We'll keep you updated on future wedding plans.

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Kris said...

Awww... I super love the pictures of Logan and Ella. And I love that you posted more pictures after my initial disappointment of your first blog in Vancouver.