Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gift Box Cakes

I need to apologize for the lack of recipes on here these days.  I was perhaps a bit overly inspired with this session's calendar at the Women's Centre.  Between my 3 classes there, mom and baby aqua-fit and weekly appointments for both myself and the kids, I am very rarely at home.  Plus, Chloé has finally learned to fall asleep on her own (post three weeks of crying it out for about an hour each night... ugh!).  So I am no longer obliged to sit still with her in my arms each night, which was a perfect reason to blog constantly.

All that to say that I am aware that I have been lacking a bit lately on the actual recipe posting.  But the Women's Centre classes are now done until fall, so this should free up a bit of time to begin making (and blogging) delicious food once again.

As we rush to get ready to leave for my little niece's first birthday party bonanza, I wanted to share the cakes everyone made this week in cake class.  

Remember this post here, when you got a sneak peek at the beginnings of the bows we were making?  Well, check out what they have all turned into.  Not everyone got their cakes completely done, but they all look bee-oo-ti-ful!!!!  I'm impressed with how much we've learned from our teacher in so little time.

I had to catch some close-ups of the decorations. LOVE :)

So gonna reproduce this one day!

And last by not least, here's a peek at my cake.  Well, mine's not actually a cake.  More of a styrofoam square covered with fondant.  Given my recent fridge/freezer debacle, plus the fact that we leave today to visit my family, I decided it wasn't worth the stress of rushing to bake a cake that no one would eat.  So I bought a dummy cake instead.  I have more shots of my cake, not because I think it's better than anyone else's, but because I was able to take it outside, get it in proper lighting and snap a bunch of shots of it, whereas at the Women's Centre, I was rushing to take pictures and get my cake done.


Lessons learned this week from cake class?  Don't let your decorations dry in your living room, on the table where light from outside pours in all day long.  My decorations ended up faded in some areas.  Streaked, if you will.  Ah well... twas only styrofoam ;)

I so desperately hope that Laurie will offer her buttercream class again in the fall so that I can expand my cake horizons.  Véro, you were completely right. I am soooooooooo addicted to this cake decorating biz! 

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Ashley said...

Love, love, love, love, love!!!!! Your cake is so pretty!!!