Friday, July 13, 2012

Mont St. Hilaire + Quebec Cider Tasting

We've been having a great time visiting with Camille since she got here last weekend. For those of you who don't know about Camille, she is my long lost French exchange student from back when I was 15.  

At that time, I traveled to Crolles, France to live with her and her family for 3 months and she also stayed with my family and me for 3 months in my hometown of Bradford, Ontario.  We stayed in touch for many years after our exchange program was over, but lost touch past university.  Until good ol' facebook reunited us a few years back.  She came to visit us two years ago when Logan was only 2 months old and has come back again this year.

And it has been a wonderful visit.  Way too wonderful catching up with her again.  And awfully wonderful having an extra pair of hands around the house.  The kids seem like an absolute breeze these days.  I told Jérôme that maybe next year we should pay her flight out here for her, just to get such a nice break again ;)

We've been super busy since she's gotten here.  Here's a peek at a few of the things we've been up to:

Backyard barbeque with friends:

Beach day at Oka Provincial Park


Auditioning for Baywatch

Sit daddy, sit

Can't turn away for a split second
Lots of time hanging out, out back on the deck in the beautiful weather:

LOVE Chloé's facial expression here!

Some adventures trying on shoes, as I have *finally* accepted that my pre-baby heels will likely never fit me again and am passing what can fit into Camille's suitcase on to her:

I take solace in knowing they will have a good home.

A visit to Peter's Cape Cod, at Camille's request, to get some fish and chips: 

breaded shrimp
fish and chips

lobster roll
Alongside a tasty pina colada:

A visit last night to Spa Le Finlandais.  And though I have no photos, this trip convinced me that this needs to become a monthly ritual.

And then today, a hike up Mont St. Hilaire in beautiful weather.  Logan even managed to hike all but approximately 300 meters of the 2.5 km hike up to the top, reaching an altitude of approximately 1350 feet.  What a champ!!  Then he napped in the stroller on his way down.

multi-tasking my way up the mountain

loving life

the beautiful view from the top

needing a nap at the top of the mountain
And then to top off the day, some cider tasting (and purchasing!) at Cidrerie Michel Jeaudoin, my favourite Quebec cider producer.  But that's a whole other post.

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Karen said...

Love love LOVE everything about this! Camille hasn't changed one bit. I so badly wish I could come to see her and her awesome new wardrobe of shoes Maybe next year? All my love to you both!