Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Um... so... this post has absolutely nothing to do with anything.  At all.  But I needed to share.

I have a bit of a shoe addiction.  Well, not really a shoe addiction, exactly.  Since it also extends to boots.  Now you may have sensed this when I shared my new winter boots with you back here.  But I'm doubtful you understood just how deep this fetish goes.  Helen, if you're reading this, I know you're laughing out loud right now ;)

I can't even begin to tell you how many shoes I own.  Many, many, many shoes.  And many, many, many boots.  Let's take knee high boots for example.  Just off the top of my head, I know that I own a black pair with heels, a black flat pair, a red pair, a red patent pair (with beautiful buttons up the side), a silver pair, a brown pair, a grey pair that come above the knee... and that's not even getting into the shorter mid-calf boots...

Thing is, my feet have changed sizes since having kids.  And the vast majority of my shoes no longer fit.  All the ugly, practical ones do.  Like my runners and Sketchers and flip flops.  But really????  None of the nice high heels.  The collection that I have cultivated for sooooo many years now sits in my closet (or numerous closets!) untouched.

Here's a sneak peek of the gems I'm talking about:

at my dear friend Katie's wedding - you can see
the shoes that well, but they were super hot!
out for brunch at the Fairmont Montebello

on my way to a Christmas party

Josiane, getting a huge kick out of one
of my all-time favourite pairs of shoes
my dad also quite liked them

as you can see, all females in my family
are afflicted by this condition
I also constantly admire others' beautiful shoes. 
There must be a 12-step program for this, no?

no one could walk past these blue
shoes without wanting to try them on!
at my little sis' wedding
more proof that not a single female Baynton goes untouched
I have been mourning the loss of the above shoes (and many others) since the birth of my son mid 2010.  I have prayed that my feet would one day comfortably fit back into my old heels.  Yet this is still not the case, 8 months post-Chloé.

As I mentioned in my recent post, I am slowly starting to accept the loss of such dear friends and gave a few pair to Camille while she was here.

And then Heather and I went shopping last night.  

What a disaster!  

It turns out that shoes were on mega sale at Sears.  Which is not a place where I've ever bought shoes before.  But they had all sorts of beautiful brand name shoes for $25-40.  And really, nothing makes a girl feel good about herself like a new pair of shoes.  Or 5.  Well, 6, counting the ones I bought while Camille was here. We were both so excited about our new finds that we stripped off our comfy shoes and headed out in our new beautiful footwear.

Just needed to share :)

And my personal favourites:

Camille and I, sporting our new shoes on our
way to El Meson for dinner last weekend
Camille called yesterday and told me shoe bought two new pairs of heels her first day home.  Even though she had never worn heels until I gave her some of mine.  Guess I was a bad influence on her ;)


Lee-Ann said...

Love the red ones! I must say I'm impressed with women who can wear heels. I just can't do it!

Food for Thought Linds said...

I most definitely shouldn't, but I can't help myself!

Ashley said...

Camille said...

Because of you I need a new place for ALL my shoes!

Food for Thought Linds said...

baha... you'd better watch out. Soon you'll need a new apartment ;P