Thursday, July 14, 2011

Willie's Guacamole

When you read the ingredients to this recipe, you’re most likely going to think that it sounds disgusting.  I have to admit that that’s what I thought when I heard what was in it.  But it is more than worth giving it the benefit of the doubt to make it.  This is the best recipe for guacamole that I’ve ever had.  It comes from my friend Willie, who is from El Salvador.  So you know that it has to be good.  He made this for us in Maine a couple of weekends ago and it disappeared in the blink of an eye.  I made it again at my sister’s when we went to visit her this past weekend and the same thing happened.  Despite the massive quantity that it makes.

5 avocados
6 hard boiled eggs
2-3 tomatoes, chopped
3-4 radishes, finely chopped
½ large red onion, finely chopped
Fresh coriander
Salt and pepper to taste
1 lime

1.  Mash the avocados and the hard boiled eggs, to obtain as smooth of a texture as possible.

2.   Stir in the chopped tomatoes, radishes and red onion. 

3.  Chop and stir in as much coriander as you like, to taste.  I like to use lots, as coriander is probably my favourite herb.

4.  Add salt and pepper and freshly squeezed lime juice to taste (I used about ¾ of the lime).

The trick to preserving leftover guacamole (if there is any!) is to put an avocado pit into the bowl with the guacamole and to put the saran wrap right down directly onto the top of the guacamole.  Both will help to minimize oxidization (which causes the browning of the guacamole).

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Kris said...

This guacamole was definitely delicious!