Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Squares

So I did it.  I broke down and got a cleaning lady.  I saw a facebook status that someone's cleaning lady was coming and there I found myself, a couple of hours later, with the cleaning lady in my house giving me an estimate.  It's a done deal.  And I feel liberated.
No matter how hard I try to leave myself some time at home to get household chores done, there never seems to be enough time these days.  Maybe because I'm too busy cooking and blogging in any spare time I have - and now, knitting too!  (I'm addicted).  And let's face it.  Who really wants to clean their house when they could be whipping up delicious meals for their family instead?
After my 'home day' last Friday, I decided that this entire week would be a home week so that I could nap, fill the freezer, clean and just plain relax.  And here I find myself sick, yet again, derailing any plans to do much of anything (though I do have a boeuf bourguignon simmering on the stove right now, which I will post shortly).  So I think a cleaning lady is in order so that these home days or weeks can actually be spent recharging my ever dwindling batteries, instead of cleaning.

Although I really feel like this money could/should be spent on other things, such as RRSPs, RESPs, or even travel, I have decided that this is what we need right now to buy ourselves a little sanity.  And I'm super happy that I've finally decided to give in a little and do what I need to do so that we can manage a little more easily these days.  She hasn't even cleaned our house yet and I already feel like this is the best.decision.ever.  It will leave me more time to whip up delicious recipes, such as this one.
This treat comes from my friend Cynthia, who makes them every year for her Chrannukah party.  Jérôme tried them this year and taunted me, saying I couldn't try them since they have peanut butter in them (which he knows is my absolute favourite!!).  But I knew better, since she makes them every year.  So I knew she had made them with soy butter.  And they are delicious and taste just like peanut butter.  I highly recommend these for all those who can't have peanut butter but love it to death, much like myself right now.  There is quite a bit of sugar in these, so you will want to cut them into smaller squares.

1 C melted butter
1 1/3 C graham cracker crumbs
2 1/2 C icing sugar
1 C peanut butter or soy butter

2 tbsp. butter
6 oz. chocolate chips

1.  Mix together the first four ingredients.  Spread mixture in a 13 x 9 inch pan.  Refrigerate for 10 minutes.

2.  Melt the butter and chocolate chips in the microwave, or using a double-boiler.  Spread the chocolate mixture onto the base.  Refrigerate to harden.

Difficulty level: easy

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Karen said...

Dude! $7 daycare and a cleaning lady?!?!? Seriously? LOL! I have a cleaning lady too...I hate cleaning with all my life so I'd rather skimp on groceries than clean a toilet! Mine comes tomorrow and There is always the mad dash the night before to clean up the house so she doesn't think we are complete slobs Good for you...you'll be so happy not to be cleaning and spending more time with your kids.

Camille said...

Damned, You have a cleanning lady.... I'm so jealous!!!!!

Heidi said...

Knitting? Remember when you were addicted to cross stitching?!

Tammy said...

It will only enhance your life Lindsay!! We don't even have kids yet and I have no shame in saying Elgin Maid is here every Tuesday!! And yes we do the mad dash too the night before...lol which just goes to show that having the service is also highly motivating!! lol