Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Top Hits of 2011

Looking for some cooking inspiration?? I've decided to compile the top 11 posts from 2011 to tantalize your tastebuds.  I probably should have done this before we hit 2012, but I only had the idea to do this today.  So here's a list, in reverse order, of the posts of 2011 that got the most hits:

11.  Mom's trifle

10.  Indian lentil and split pea spread

9.  Caribbean pepper pot soup (darn, I didn't get a photo of this one!)

8.  Brazilian treats (no recipes or photos here - just a review of some delicious Brazilian food)

7.  Raspberry truffle brownies

6.  Chicken burgers with peanut sauce

5.  Big-batch banana blueberry muffins

4.  Willie's guacamole

3.  Tomato soup cake with cream cheese icing

2.  Logan's first birthday bash

Old south pulled pork on a bun:

Lime sherbet punch:

Mike Harris' chocolate cake with buttercream and chocolate buttercream icing:

and with more than double the hits of the second most popular post of 2011:

1.  Cucumber mango salad with cilantro lime dressing

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