Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Buttertart Pan Squares

I accidentally sent out this message before the holidays, before having a chance to finish typing up the recipe. So here it is again, in full this time.

We first had these the day after they were made and found them super sweet. However, a day or two later they were much better. Not sure if that's typical, as I've only made them once before and can't really remember. In any case, if you find them too sweet to begin with, maybe leave them for a day or two and try them again. I got this recipe from my Aunt Liz awhile back.


1/2 C butter
1 C all-purpose flour
2 tbsp. white sugar

1 1/2 C brown sugar
1 C walnuts, chopped (or raisins)
2 eggs
3 tbsp. flour
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. vanilla

1. For crust: Cream butter well and cream it into flour and white sugar. Press into ungreased 9 x 9-inch pan. Bake at 350 degrees Farenheit for 15 minutes.

2. Then mix the rest of the ingredients together in a bowl. Spread this over the baked base and return to oven. Bake for 20 minutes longer or until golden brown.

Enjoy. And Happy 2010 to all! I'll post all of the recipes from our New Years party shortly... once I find time to type them all out...

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Jess said...

my mom used to make this with kathryn in hong kong!