Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nuts About Nuts!!

I saw our naturopath this morning and...


I feel this deserves a blog post all of its own.

Or maybe even a party???

So excited does not even begin to describe how I am feeling right now.  My mind is whirring with ideas of different peanut butter treats to whip up.  Such as my no bake hemp seed peanut butter balls with REAL peanut butter!! 

or, perfect for fall, peanut butter apple crisp.

There's also my personal favourite, which I haven't made in a couple of nut-free years, pender harbour bars:

or even just plain pb and natural homemade strawberry jam on gf toast

There are just so many possibilities!

I also wanted to quickly share a little food update regarding my kids.  

We re-introduced soy to Chloé this past weekend - via a very delicious soy chai latté, which I have missed oh so much this past month!!!  (note: I am breastfeeding and did NOT give the latté directly to Chloé!!). 

And I am happy to report that so far, so good.  She has been a bit fussy and bothered by all things sensory since yesterday, but I think that is related more to her having started full-day daycare than anything else.  She had been fine from re-introduction until yesterday.  Just to be sure, our naturopath wants me to keep testing until Monday and re-eliminate (then re-introduce) soy if she is still fussy on Monday.  Fingers crossed, as I love me a good chai latté, even if it has to be soy.

My other update is that both kids are eating soooo much better since we started cutting out a few foods.  In the past couple of weeks, Logan has started eating boiled egg whites, quinoa, guacamole (nope, not Willie's delicious guac, a natural Costco version, as I've just been too busy!), corn, peas, watermelon, grapes, mandarin oranges and strawberries.  He has also tried AND swallowed a few very tiny bites of both chicken and salmon, which is a HUGE change for him.  

Also very notable is that he has started mixing textures a little bit.  He has eaten pretzels dipped in peanut butter and nachos with guacamole so far.  Which is a huge, huge step for him and a good entry for us into the mixing of other textures.  In fact, he loves nachos and guac so much that he screams for "guaccoli" for breakfast in the morning.  Yesterday at the park, when I had only pretzels for snack, he kept saying "want some yogurt, want some grapes, want some watermelon".   And I thought, finally!!! Something other than crackers!

Chloé has also made huge changes in her eating.  She has gone from pretty much eating
only smooth purées and some crackers to eating textured purées, including ones with pieces, as well as watermelon, banana, raspberries, peas and quinoa.  Real ones!  Not in a purée.  Before, she wouldn't put any pieces of anything except cracker into her mouth.  She would also pick out chunks in purées, after gagging on them and would then refuse to eat anything else.  What a difference!
little monkey #2 suddenly LOVES her watermelon!!

between the two of them, the kids have me running to the
grocery store almost daily for more watermelon

As I mentioned before, both kids have been referred to the Pediatric Feeding Program at the local hospital.  We got a call that Logan will be seen next week and Chloé, likely a few weeks later.  So I suspect that we will continue to see such great progress with feeding :) 


Kristy said...

What about all the recipes I sent you? Lok

Kristy said...

Great news that the kids are trying more! And Logan's finally seeing how wonderful guac and nachos are!

Food for Thought Linds said...

I have so many recipes, I can't keep them straight. I don't even remember which ones you're talking about...