Sunday, August 5, 2012

Visit to Granby Zoo

The kids have been home from daycare this past week, as Jérôme has been on vacation.  Plus, it's closed ;)

So we had ourselves a little trip to Granby Zoo.  And had a fantastic day.  Kids were happy.  Hence we were happy.  In fact, it made me wish we could live at the zoo.

Just wanted to share a few photos.

My goofy little man

and my beautiful little gal:

loving the elephants:

Enjoying the petting zoo,

particularly the pony ride:

He screeched with delight during the train ride and didn't want to get off:

Crazy birds

who loved the nectar so much

they freakin' attacked us!!

running from the birds!!
Plus some kangaroos

 and pretty cute joeys :)

Can't wait to take them again next year.

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