Saturday, April 28, 2012

Foire de Paris

Yesterday led us on a visit to the Foire de Paris with Karim.  The foire (fair) is a humongous collection of exhibits with stands from all across France, and even some from other European countries.  There are different themed areas, such as a craft area, an audio-visual section, home furnishing/decoration expositions, health and wellness area, and, of course, my favourite, the wine and gastronomy section.  And that is only to name a few.  I was there for about three hours yesterday and barely got out of the wine and gastronomy section, that's just how big it is (and how much I love wine and food)!  

These pictures don't even do it justice. And this was only one of the 10+ buildings.

For lunch, I enjoyed a delicious baguette sandwich, with ham and melted raclette cheese. Mmm.... I didn't get a shot of the sandwich, but they use these lamps over huge blocks of cheese to melt it right into your sandwich.  Too French!!

We also picked up some cheese to make a truffade this weekend (potatoes with delicious melted cheese).  This is what they were making here:

In fact, there were mountains of cheese stands with samples a-plenty.

And the guys had a chance to taste a wide variety of salami.  We also discovered that this is the only form of meat that Logan will eat, other than hot dogs.  What a weirdo that he won't eat chicken or beef, but will eat salami...

The kids enjoyed some homemade natural ice cream and loved every spoonful.

AND had a macaron

Twas a decadent day for everyone.  Though the adults saved themselves for the wine...

What would a foire in France be without sampling wine???  We even tried to buy some, but they would only sell it by a dozen bottles at a time (sooooo French), which we can't quite fit into our suitcases.

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Bill said...

Logan's looking more like a little man every day. I like the way in the last pic that they're each looking in opposite directions.