Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We decided to not go home to my parents' for Easter this year, as the drive for such a short stay is a bit much with the two little monkeys these days.

We nonetheless had a great Easter morning outside in the backyard today.  Logan enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt and had a blast hunting for his "cocos" (eggs), outside, on a beautiful, mild sunny day.  So un-Quebec like!  

Egg hunting in the yard in the summer-like weather


Loving his new house from Olivier and Félix

and the eggs hiding inside

Hunting through the gardens

Cocos (eggs) where are you?

Mmmm chocolate :)
We had a bit of a fit when we told him "no more"

P.S. Thanks for my outfit, Helen :)

Easter loot
And then we enjoyed a delicious lamb roast, greek potatoes and peas for dinner, followed by a homemade chocolate cream dessert, which I will post shortly.  Mmm....

Happy Easter everyone!  What did you do this Easter to celebrate with your family?

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